[Urgent/Head Office Recruitment] Recruitment for team members under the direct control of the president has begun!


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Shinkido Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and President: Mihoko Taguchi, hereinafter referred to as “Shinkido”) has begun recruiting for the following additional recruitment areas in addition to regular recruitment, that is, recruiting team members under the direct control of the president.
The interview will be conducted by the management team, as the position is close to management, meaning that there is a lot of work-related work with executives.

Shinkido Group Corporate Philosophy

・Joining → 3 months 1st contract employee
・3 months → 6 months Second contract employee
・After six months, full-time contract after agreement
・Business appraisal will be conducted by executives in April + November > For all employees

①Recruitment team
T eam under the direct control of the President > President, officers (executive officers/directors), and members responsible for business-related tasks

② Team members under the direct control of the president
0. AI Team > AI + Metaverse + NFT Team
1. Domestic Corporate Sales Headquarters members > New business negotiations and sales to existing business partners
2. Global Corporate Sales Headquarters members > New business negotiations and sales to existing clients
3. Global sales product development team > Head office factory
4. Globally certified FSSC22000 operation management team > Related tasks such as auditing, operation, and updates
5. Finance Team > Financial and accounting correspondence with financial institutions and shareholders
6. Management Headquarters Team > Management duties for all group companies
7. New business start-up team regarding executive matters
8. Secretarial team (support for executive cases)
9. World Trade Export Team

・Employee contract only

・Employee→Leader→Department Manager→Deputy Manager→Director→Director→Executive Officer→Director→Group Company President→Group Board of Directors
・Promotions and salary increases are finalized by the human resources team and board of directors.

⑤ Place of work
・Head Office Office 1-43 Yahata-cho, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture 508-0043 Shinkinedo Group Complex
・Head Office Factory 1-15 Sendanbayashi, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture 509-9131 Shinkido Head Office
・Tokyo Office East Japan Sales Office> Assignment will be considered after training at the head office (final decision will be made based on the individual’s intentions and ability performance)

⑥Ability assessment
・Rather than educational background or experience such as being able to speak English, we place the most importance on wisdom such as a sense of responsibility, cooperativeness, and honesty.

⑦Relocation (Tokyo office)
・Decisions will be made by the Board of Directors after consultation with the applicant based on his or her contribution to business performance while working at the head office for three years or more.

First interview: Human resources representative or department manager
Second interview Japanese corporation representative director president
Third interview Group representative>

⑨Application>Please make arrangements to Shinkinedo Group Human Resources and General Affairs Team Kondo recruit@shinkinedo.com
2. Business history
3. Documents describing employment conditions > Please fill in the remuneration and working conditions

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Shinkido Co., Ltd. President’s Office Public Relations Team
TEL: 0573-65-2809 (Weekdays 10:00-17:00)
URL :https://www.shinkinedo.com/
Email: pr@shinkinedo.com