Shinkinedo Group Corporate Philosophy
"Making people happy with sweets"

"Would you like to take on the world field
while holding hands with us?"

Shinkinedo Human


together! While pursuing the happiness of sweets
Be bold and wonderful in your one-time life! Would you like to be active?

Our Shinkinedo Group Corporate Philosophy
With the motto “Make people happy with sweets”
With sweets sales as the core business in 23 countries around the world
Chestnut cosmetics sales business that is SDGs ・Through the Internet
Sales from SNS continue to grow.

At the center of it all is "people", which is why we cherish it,
Hand in hand, worrying and suffering together
And that's why we value working while having fun
Not only Japanese but also from all over the world
Friends with various personalities gather,
We are a corporate group that continues to take on new challenges on the world stage.


Human Resources

Providing the world with something
new born from the fusion of the goodness of Japan
and the wisdom of the world

make customers smile


around the world
group company
South Korea

Since our founding in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture in Japan,
we have seriously believed that sweets have infinite possibilities.
Because I truly trust them, I need to be happy with my colleagues who create new things.

In other words, it is necessary to eliminate and improve things
that are not happy, and I believe that the root of that is people.
That is why we value recruitment from all over the world
in order to create connections that transcend race, religion, and thinking.

That's why chemical reactions are born, and unprecedented services, products,
and improvements are created and embodied.
I truly believe that you will do so.

Would you like to work with us?

Human Resources and Shinkindo Group

points we care about
Modesty, cooperativeness,
kindness, forward thinking

Post-hiring, not temporary hiring
I want to have a long relationship!

That's why we don't compromise when hiring
Each other who does not talk many times
Face-to-face interviews as many times
as you want until you are satisfied!

if it is not possible
It is also an online interview.

Until our feelings connect
exchange opinions and organize one's thoughts
I'm trying to find my destination.

People who have walked completely different lives up until now collided with each other Since we are going to cooperate with each other, various problems should arise.
At times like that, don't run away, look at the front and talk and solve it together It is important that we come to an agreement and move forward together.


the world

New challenge
the world

Recruitment strategy


  • spend precious time together

  • to be happy together

We are a group of people with completely different backgrounds, educational backgrounds, thoughts, experiences, and personalities. what should we do to be happy? Let's seriously exchange opinions and create! It evolves day by day in the turmoil! We sincerely believe that something new will be born from that root, and that we can take on challenges together in the world.

  • friends of the world

    Not only Japanese Entries from all over the world we are waiting

  • Shinkindo Group

    established by the founder
    Refining our corporate philosophy

  • new challenge

    with new friends
    take on new challenges


  • We are ready to accept friends from all over the world

we believe that the growth of the Shinkinedo Group cannot be achieved without human resources. For that reason, we believe that it is necessary for us to be prepared to hire people who have individuality so that they can play an active role. That is why it is necessary to acquire halal certification and be compatible with religions, customs and customs, and we are making improvements every day. Beyond that, we will be able to further increase happiness and customer satisfaction beyond imagination.


  • Job satisfaction and peace of mind

  • Rest assured that everything is there

One of the important roles we are hiring is to "support employment" while I believe that the role of “creating more employment” is also important.

(1)Housing Equipped with employee dormitory (20,000 yen per month + utilities)
(2) Compensation: For employees, compensation is revised at the end of April and end of November every year
(3) Emergency full support from the president's office personnel team
(4) Acquisition of work visa Support provided in cooperation with a consulting international lawyer

Before joining the company and after joining the company, there is a system where you can spend your life while working with peace of mind
There is an organization system that allows you to assert and consult from yourself.

Growing interest
in the new confectionery business

Inheritance of confectionery technology

create jobs

financial stability

rewarding work

venture to new ground That's why Worried, right?

rest assured!
We have full support.

Meeting you and us is inevitable.
That's why let's cherish the relationship.

we are in a changing world The source of the Shinkinido Group's
continued growth in units of 100 years is I am convinced that

it is human capital.

That's why we are hiring globally as well as in Japan.In other words,
we continue to take on the challenge of hiring people from all countries.

The world is big! That is why race, religion, thoughts, conditions, etc.
There are people who grew up in all kinds of different environments.
Actively recruiting colleagues from all over the world
who can share the thoughts of the corporate philosophy,
I think we should learn what we don't have.

There are ten different people, so even if you say support,
In order to provide different types of support,
the president's office is an in-house specialized department.
In addition, in cooperation with external organizations such as international lawyers,
international employment social workers, and lawyers
We provide a safe and secure environment where you can thrive.

That's why we place importance on humanity = individuality in our recruitment.
Your individuality and us gather,Would you like to create
and transform a new and unseen Shinkinedo?

There are no restrictions
on the areas of employment.
have endless possibilities
I want to meet you.

We will provide a workplace, work environment,
and economic support that make the most of each individual's identity.
If it happens after joining the company, don't worry!
A system that can provide immediate support
There is determination and kindness to work together!
We aim to hire people from all over the world.

From Nakatsugawa to the world!
From the world to Nakatsugawa! !


Country with Shinkinedo Group

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • SouthKorea
  • Thailand
  • Hong-kong
  • Vietnam
  • Japan

The charm of Shinkinedo
From Nakatsugawa to the world

The Shinkinedo Group is currently expanding into North America and the EU, centered on ASEAN countries.
I am exporting.
And as local bases in South Korea (Seoul), Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Canada (Vancouver)
There is a group company, and each base trades with the sales network, and the country of delivery is
The number continues to grow each year and the dream just keeps getting bigger.
By continuing to produce and sell sweets from raw materials carefully selected from around the world, Japan
We are confident that we can share more charms with the world together, and will continue to do so forever.
I just hope that the integration of Japan and the world will continue.
By adding the charm of Japan to customers around the world from Shinkinedo's sweets,
One day our world team will give back to Japan and the world!
I will do my best to become such a member. thank you.

Divisions that can play
an active role

  1. Manufacturing Headquarters Manufacturing Team

    Creating sweets

  2. Manufacturing Headquarters Delivery Team

    Ship the finished sweets

  3. Manufacturing Headquarters New Product Development Team

    Newly developed products suitable for countries around the world

  4. Head Office Administration Headquarters Finance Team

    Business related to asset management procurement

  5. Accounting Team, Headquarters Administration Headquarters

    Accounting and payment operations from purchase and accounts receivable management

  6. Team under the direct control of executives in the president's office

    Responding to duties under the direct control of the chairman and president

  7. President's office secretary team

    Secretary work under the direct control of the chairman and president

  8. Corporate Sales Headquarters EC Team

    E-commerce site sales operations in Japan and around the world

  9. Corporate Sales Headquarters SNS Team

    Operation and sales of SNS sites in Japan and around the world

  10. Corporate Sales Headquarters World Team

    Sales operations for corporate companies around the world

  11. FSSC22000 team under the direct control of the president's office

    World certified FSSC2200 operation management

  12. Restaurant Business > Meat Kappo / Cafe

    Head chef, store manager, manager, staff

from the interview
Flow up to adoption

  1. First, please send your resume and curriculum vitae to the personnel team in the president's office.
  2. 2nd round: Executive interviews within a week > Online interviews (Headquarters, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Singapore, Bangkok)
  3. Third round: Final real-life interview with the president (headquarters) > Final results will be communicated by the HR team
  • ・We carefully consider individual characteristics such as race, religion, gender, and educational background when hiring! Please rest assured.
  • ・We trade in more than 23 countries around the world, and we employ people with all native languages ??such as English, Korean, and Chinese.
  • ・Can you speak only a little Japanese? Rest assured! English-speaking employees will support you and let's work together!
  • ・Regulatory lawyers, corporate labor consultants, and in-house personnel team will surely support international VISA and various work environment applications.

Recruitment areas are
Variety to choose from

  1. Employees
    • 1st round All employees > Belong to regionally hired employees
    • 2nd April/November > Considering work attitude, grades, enthusiasm, etc., transfer to career track upon mutual agreement (business trips, transfers, training for executive candidates)
  2. Part-time job
    • First step: Recruited by regionally recruited members > Locally recruited hourly rate applied (C)
    • 2nd round: Promotion to deputy leader (B) with the consent of the person taking into account work attitude, grades, enthusiasm, etc.> Minimum hourly wage 1000-1200 yen
    • 3rd: Promotion to leader (A) with the consent of the individual considering work ability, attendance, humility, etc.> Minimum hourly wage 1200-1500 yen
    • Fourth bullet: There is a contract for a regionally hired employee upon request.

For customers in the world field!
Would you like to deliver the best happiness?

In order to achieve that corporate philosophy,
We are looking for important friends who can do it together!

Apply here